Embedded Systems Design
Fall 2016

This course intends to cover "embedded system design" in multiple dimensions. In doing that, it goes over systems with microcontrollers as well as microprocessors and embedded processors. It goes into computer architecture issues as well as operating systems (OS) issues. It includes lab work and one project, which require hands-on work in software development.

Quote of the course:
       "A lot of real-world use of computer science involves embedded systems - and knowing the hardware is important."

Prerequisites: intermediate C programming and basic electronics knowledge.

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Latest NEWS: There is a quiz on Dec 9, Friday in the morning.

    Associate Prof. H. Fatih Ugurdag
       email: fatih.ugurdagATozyegin.edu.tr
       PhD, 1995, Case Western Reserve University

Grading (subject to modification)
    HWs and Quizzes:
    Lab Work:
    Final Exam:
7 pts (70% required)
15 pts
32 pts
23 pts
23 pts (required)