List of Classes (and their web pages) I taught or am teaching:

    At Ozyegin University:
       EE202 -- on circuit analysis (once)
       EE203 -- on digital systems (7 times)
       CS240 -- on computer architecture (9 times)
       EE321 -- on microprocessors (8 times)
       EEx62 -- on FPGA Design (8 times)
       CS563 -- on computer arithmetic (twice)
       EE564 -- on computer architecture and performance (once)
       EE565 -- on embedded systems (4 times)
       EE566/561 -- on SoC design (9 times)
       EE568 -- on HW design patterns (4 times)
    At Bosphorus University
       Phys48J -- on computing (3 times)
    At Bahcesehir University:
       EENG2001 -- on circuit theory (once)
       EEE2204 -- on digital design (9 times)
       CMPE3002 -- on data communication standards (6 times)
       CSE3303 -- on operating systems (twice)
       EENG4049 -- on chip design (once)
       EENG4050 -- on chip design (once)
       CMPE5034 -- on computer arithmetic (twice)
       EENG5059 -- on advanced chip design (3 times)
       EENG5333 -- on machine vision (once)
       EENG5334 -- on industrial automation (once)