CS240: Computer Architecture
Spring 2022

In this course, we build a CPU called VerySimpleCPU. However, to do that, we first find out what it does and how it does it, by writing assembly programs for it. Later, we start building a VerySimpleCPU. In that direction, we first build a state machine, then a calculator, and then what we call LedCPU. Finally, we build VerySimpleCPU itself. We also learn about memory modules, memory hierarchy, RISC, CISC, DRAM, SRAM, cache, Von Neuman vs Harvard architectures, uP vs MCU. We learn about high performance CPUs, thus CPU pipelines. We also talk about OS support, interrupts, system buses, peripherals such as hard disk. (See verysimplecpu.org.)

Prerequisite: EE203 - Digital Systems

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    Prof. H. Fatih Ugurdag
    email: fatih.ugurdagATozyegin.edu.tr
    PhD, 1995, Case Western Reserve University

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