July, 2019: Dr. Yervant Zorian and Prof. Sofiene Tahar gave

July, 2018: A lot happened since our last update below. FPGA
design is booming in Turkey and elsewhere as well as automotive
systems. Send me email if you are interested.

Sep, 2014: We have attended the 6th ICT Innovations Conference
in Ohrid, Macedonia.

Sep, 2014: We have attended an ALMARVI workshop in Finland.

July, 2014: Our IEEE Trans. Computers article is online.

July, 2014: We are teaching SoC Design at Vestel in Manisa.

July, 2014: We have successfully finished another RoboKamp.

May, 2014: We have finished teaching Embedded Systems at Vestel
in Manisa.

April, 2014: We have kicked off an EU project sponsored by
Artemis and TUBITAK. Aselsan is also a partner of this project
together with Philpis, Nokia, Delft, TU Eindhoven.

October, 2013: Professors Yale Patt and Ricardo Reis gave
seminars at Ozyegin and Yeditepe University.

October, 2013: We successfully organized VLSI-SoC in Istanbul.

October, 2013: Prof. Marcelo Johann gave a seminar on VLSI
design automation at Ozyegin University.

September, 2013: We have new group members: Mustafa Tosun and
Ozan Cihangir.

September, 2013: Anil Bayram successfully defended his MS
thesis at Bahcesehir University on Constant Division.

July, 2013: We have successfully organized RoboKamp for the 3rd

June, 2013: We have new group members: Ahmet Kakacak and M. Ali

April, 2013: We presented our work at ARITH Symposium in

March, 2013: Our group member Bilgiday Yuce received full
TAship offers from Vatech and UMass Lowell.

March, 2013: VLSI-SoC 2013 is nearing. It will be held in
Istanbul in October. Dr. Ugurdag is serving as the general
chair. Paper submission deadline is April 1st. Ericsson
Microelectronics Design Center decided to sponsor the conference.

February, 2013: We had a poster at FPGA Conference in
California (see publications).

February, 2013: Our former Cihan Tunc (now at University of
Arizona) got a summer internship offer from Samsung R&D Center in
Dallas, Texas.

December, 2012: We had a full paper accepted for presentation
at ARITH (April 2013) in Austin, Texas (see publications).

December, 2012: We had a presentation at IDT Conference in
Qatar (see publications).

November, 2012: Dr. Ugurdag was a session chair and PC member
at GOMSIS held in Istanbul Technical University.

November, 2012: Okan Keskin (an alumnus of nEMESysLab) was
offered a position as an FPGA designer at Karel in Ankara.

November, 2012: Dr. Ugurdag was an invited attendee at
Aselsan-REHIS workshop in Ankara.

October, 2012: Dr. Ugurdag attended VLSI-SoC Conf. 2012 in
Santa Cruz, California near Silicon Valley and reported on the
progress with VLSI-SoC 2013 in Istanbul.

September, 2012: Dr. Ugurdag, Dr. Baskaya of Bosphorus
Univ. and part of the ACTreS team (Bilgiday Yuce, Seyrani Korkmaz,
Vahap Baris Esen) attended EWDTS in Kharkiv, Ukraine and presented a
paper on our ACTreS project. Dr. Ugurdag presented a second talk at
the conference as an invited speaker and talked about how he leveraged
his EDA background when he worked as a designer and how he leverages
his industry background as an instructor.

August, 2012: Prof. Martin Margala of UMass Lowell was our guest
and presented his research plans.

July, 2012: Dr. Ugurdag attended ASAP conference and presented
a paper at TU Delft in Netherlands.

July, 2012: Fatih Temizkan of our group joined Ericam.

June, 2012: We have successfully completed RoboKamp 2012.

May, 2012: We finished the lectures of our SoC course at Vestel
in Manisa. We attended CSW workshop. RoboKamp 2012 is being partially
sponsored by Google CS4HS program.

April, 2012: We successfully held SIU in Fethiye.

March, 2012: Dr. H. Fatih Ugurdag attended an IFIP committee
meeting held in Dresden in conjunction with DATE 2012 and received an
endorsement for VLSI-SoC 2013 Istanbul.

Feb 17, 2012: We are inviting you to submit a paper to our
special session at SIU on "Real-time Signal Processing 
Applications and Signal Processing Hardware".

Jan 4, 2012: Dr. H. Fatih Ugurdag was an invited speaker at
Sabanci University CS Dept. Seminar Series. He talked about his
research as a whole then focused on his recent work on VLSI design and
synthesis of Round-Robin Arbiters, which resulted with a journal

Dec 19, 2011: Dr. H. Fatih Ugurdag has been invited to the
Editorial Board of Elsevier DSP Journal -- a journal with an impact
factor of 1.22.

Dec, 2011: Every one of the 47 students in EE203 Digital
Systems class is building a "Line Following Robot" under the
supervision of our team.

Dec 1, 2011: Abdullah Yildiz has been awarded Turkcell and Turkiye
Bilisim Dernegi scholarship for between November 2011 and August 2012.

Nov, 2011: Okan Palaz has been awarded TUBITAK-BIDEB
scholarship for 2 years.

July, 2011: Our team has successfully completed RoboKamp with
23 high-school students.

June, 2011: Cihan Tunc received an RAship offer from University of
Arizona to pursue a PhD in ECE under the supervision of professors
Akoglu and Hariri.