CSE4053: Pillars of Computing Bahçeşehir University
Phys48J/Phys58J: Fundamentals of Computing Boğaziçi University
Fall 2007

This course is about the four pillars of Computing: Algorithms, Automata, Parallel Processing, and Computer Arithmetic.

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Latest NEWS: HA3 is due Nov 11, Sunday at 11pm. We will have a single MT and that will take place on Dec 5, wednesday between 6-9pm.

    H. Fatih Ugurdag    fatih@ugurdag.com
    PhD, 1995, Case Western Reserve University

    Prof. Alpar Sevgen    sevgena@boun.edu.tr

The Pitch for the Course
   Today everything revolves around computing: engineering, physics, biotech, enterprises, and you name it. Computing is a lot of times not only about computing things correctly but also about computing them in a fast and efficient way (ie. with fewer resources). [more]

    Homeworks: 50%     Midterm: 20%     Final: 30%

Before the course begins...
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